Software Quality Assurance (SQA)

Testing Audits

Testing excellence depends on solid methodology and processes. Even an excellent testing process can deteriorate over time as your product is upgraded, as functionality expands and as you expand your product and service offering. Revisiting, rethinking and refining your requirements, testing methodology and processes can be a complex challenge. By providing a fresh perspective and proven expertise, Testrics simplifies the task.

Testrics’ team of experts work with you to assess your current requirements and testing methods including procedures and deliverables (e.g., test plans and test cases). In close collaboration with your staff, we identify gaps and risks then build a precise, customized test approach including test suite management, test case creation and categorization, bug workflow, triage and isolation.

Project Management

Testrics’ management resources provide reliable support and expert coaching. Whether you need total team management or management support, Testrics can help you:

  • Reduce SQA personnel turnover, concentrate testing expertise, improve overall quality and overall performance
  • Review and evaluate processes for your SQA team
  • Develop a winning hiring strategy in order to produce a high performance SQA team of testers, test team leads, test automation experts, test developers, and test managers