Our testing experts can perform all the testing tasks you need, from requirements’ auditing, test planning to bug reporting and bug isolation. In addition, we have the necessary multilingual testing experts able to verify results on demand in multiple languages and on multiple testing platforms.

By offering a fresh, expert perspective, our specialized professionals can:

  • audit your existing requirements, testing architecture and test cases
  • help you refine your existing requirements, testing architecture and test cases
  • develop new test cases by using exploratory testing charts
  • help you develop new approaches to the development and testing process

How we can help

  • Generate the best testing output in a minimum amount of time
  • Respect quality benchmarks and project milestones
  • Achieve the desired results without compromising project delivery


Our Goals

  • Help you meet your schedule
  • Increase automation testing
  • Train your team on specifc testing issues
  • Help you build and execute more test cases
  • Help your team with the challenges of I18n and L10n testing
  • Help you create an I18n and L10n test data set