During the nearly 3 years that I’ve known and worked with Matta Saikali I have been extremely impressed with his extensive testing knowledge and experience. Where internationalization testing is concerned, Matta is second to none. He is very adept at devising testing strategies that fully meet his customers’ needs. He is an extremely dedicated and diligent professional with a strong technical competency. Matta is a pleasure to work with and an asset to any company facing test related challenges.
Jeff Knorr, Director Internationalization Services for Lionbridge Technologies, Inc.


I have partnered with Testrics on many important software testing projects in both the product development and Information Technology domains. Matta Saikali and his team of software testing experts at Testric are wonderful partners.

  • Testrics quickly focuses on the essential, on what matters, on what the customer values.
  • Testrics can work with or without detail product requirements, design or systems documentation in any life cycle model.
  • Testrics’ understands what the customer wants and consistently delivers above and beyond my expectations. Whether I need test planning, test management, test execution for outsourced, on-site or remote projects, I count on Testrics.

Robert Sabourin, President of AmiBug.Com


Matta, president of Testrics, is a testing superstar. He has seen testing from every angle: from being a one-man testing department, to managing 65 testers in 4 countries for a multi-national corporation. He has a unique combination of technical and managerial skills, has expert knowledge on testing strategies and test automation scripts, yet also knows how to create loyalty and truly care for people. Everyone I know who has met Matta (6’4”) has been truly impressed by this Gentle Giant.
Pierre Cadieux, President of i18n